Why Is Feedback So Important In Music Education?


Anyone who learns a musical instrument wants to know how they’re doing. In other words, learners need feedback. Sadly, two of the most popular learning models today – online learning and learning by textbooks – tend to omit it almost completely. But what about the traditional and luxurious one-by-one teaching? While we must admit that this model is all about feedback, it is actually suffering from the same problem. For example, consider the 10 000 hour rule: if a student would practice only in the class and the lessons are twice a week, it would take 96 years to acquire the expert skills. So obviously most of the practicing is still done alone and without professional feedback. One may then reply ‘So what, it’s been like that for a thousand years!’, but the enormous and unprecedented competition that we have today puts musicians under considerably more pressure than ever before. People have less time and, at the same time, thanks to mass media are also too well aware of exactly how good the top players in their game are. That is the driving force behind finding more effective solutions for music education at all levels.