How to Create Imitation and Ear-Training Exercises

One interesting way to use MatchMySound automatic feedback is to create and assign imitational exercises. Essentially, it is the classic ear-training exercise where a teacher plays a phrase and lets student imitate it.

Here's how a student sees it on MatchMySound. Have your earphones on, then press 'Record' and imitate the motif by singing or playing it on an instrument.

In order to create such an exercise, you will have to prepare the score in MuseScore like this:

MMS Imitation Exercise Full score in MuseScore

As you can see, it is created by simply copying and pasting. While recording, the student will hear the upper part as a backing track and will play into the empty bars. However, the bars are not actually empty, the notes are just hidden in MuseScore.

Tip: when assigning such an exercise, make sure to choose the correct part and set 'Playing mode' to 'With backing'. That way the backing track will be turned on automatically. You can also set the 'Attempts limit' if you like.

Note that MatchMySound is not limited to monophonic music. It means that you can create chord recognition exercises too. In the free version of, you will find a full collection of guitar chord recognition pieces:

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