COVID-19 update April 2020

David Smolover CEO MatchMySound™ Message

There is so much fear at this time, it can be difficult to know where to start. We at MatchMySound™ would like to send our best wishes to all affected by this terrible pandemic and thank all of those standing together in the face of this immense health challenge, our emergency teams, healthcare workers and caregivers and all on the frontline.

We applaud the organizations that are already building solutions to support society in this cataclysmic time of required social change. Social Distancing will challenge all sectors and societies and it is paramount that those with technologies to keep our communities moving do so with good grace.

Private Music Teachers and their students will receive our support, allowing them to use MatchMySound™ platforms, AchieveMusic or at no cost. Along with our instant feedback and guided practice technology, we have integrated a video solution for 1-to-1 private lessons. Hopefully, this one-stop solution will make online lessons more engaging for all involved. Please find more information on our website.

For Choirs and Ensembles across the world, you too can share the above technology with your groups and ensembles. Choral and Band Directors, please go to our sites My Choral Coach and MarchingBandPro to see how we can help. Universities and Professional organizations, please contact us to discuss how we can build an unrivaled online community.

Artists / Managers, we know you are having to postpone your tours and concerts, just when fans need it the most. We have just developed a fan zone app that lets the fans interact with your music. Learning, playing and recording their performances of your music. The app is built, all we need is your music, designs and partnership and you could be launching in weeks.

We are currently building video training demos to help you get the most out of our platforms and will be holding webinars during the coming weeks and months.

I wish you and your colleagues and families the best during this time.

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