The Team

Margus Niitsoo – Engineering lead

Margus Niitsoo

I was trained as a mathematician, and even did my Ph.D. in theoretical cryptography. Research never fully suited me, however, and I was drawn much more to the practical things, especially teaching. So when my roads crossed with Kristo, I saw a good opportunity to switch careers and move from academia to actually helping people learn.

I like to say that I procrastinate learning an instrument by writing software to help myself learn one. In practice that means I can play some riffs on the guitar and a few more on the bass but that is about it.

Kristo Käo – Product lead

Kristo Käo

You probably know that most musicians cannot escape from teaching, and so it went with me as well. I have been teaching since 1998 at levels ranging from complete beginners to the MA students. I published several method books and founded an online guitar school with 12,000 students.

Later I enrolled in a Ph.D. program in multimedia learning, in order to fully understand what works best in online teaching. That’s where I met Margus and we started to work together.

Raul Taremaa – Design and UX

My background lies in studying biology, guitar and art in various institutions. Recently I graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Media graphics department. Last nine years I have worked as web and UX designer with a hint of front-end programming.

Everything you see and experience in the Match My Sound products is probably designed by me.


Andres Traumann – Software engineer

Andres Traumann

I have graduated MSc in computer science, during my studies I focused on machine learning, computer vision and signal processing in general. Before MatchMySound I worked as a software developer for a robotics company for two years, and another two years as a research assistant in a computer vision research group. This gave me a good preparation for working with the MatchMySound automatic feedback algorithms, as well as for doing regular software development.

I stand out in the MatchMySound team as the only person who cannot play any musical instrument.


Tarmo Pajusaar – QA and software developer

Tarmo Pajusaar

Every inch a musician by education, did my BA as an orchestral player and MA in musical acoustics, albeit disguised under the name of musicology. While being involved for years in various professional orchestras and freelance projects, I’ve always suffered from inclination towards technical disciplines, a trait that finally materialized itself as adventures in sound recording as well as in software development.

I dream automating the cultivation of musical skills would yield a greater awareness and flexibility in musical expression, thus decreasing the proportion of automated (machine-generated) music in favor of real human creativeness.

Heikki Käo – Content manager

Heikki Käo

By education, I am a math and physics teacher. My relationship with music includes accordion studies and singing in vocal ensembles.

Working with MatchMySound has made me learn many new things about the formal parts of music – notation, engraving, synchronization, audio recording etc.