Terms and Conditions


Our Teacher/Student platform was created to make teaching and learning more efficient and effective. The platform enables teachers to assign enhanced practice materials (exercises and repertoire) to their students. These materials are enhanced with MatchMySound (MMS), an assessment and feedback technology that graphically displays where the student has played correct and where they made errors in pitch and rhythm. We understand that no one size fits all. Teachers can customize the assessment to make it easier or harder depending upon their student’s abilities and skill levels. 

End User License Agreement

    1. To start using this application, you must accept the following user agreement and take into account all other relevant laws and regulations.
    2. User agreement is valid for both registered and not registered users.
    3. The owner of this application is Accelerando, LLC, Connecticut, USA.
    4. Using the app means browsing the materials, assigning the materials, playing the materials, taking assessments, receiving feedback and learning the materials.
    1. All the materials (code and binary applications, visual art, texts, photos, videos, sound files, notation, logos etc.) are subjects of copyright.
    2. Reproducing whatever materials of the web is prohibited without the agreement of the owner.
    3. This user agreement is limited to one person per registration. Using the materials for group tuition requires a different agreement.
    4. When the owner discovers any type of misuse, we will contact the relevant authorities to start a proper investigation.
    1. Using the app for learning requires access to the internet, registration, and logging in.
    2. The owner of this app will not be able to record private information through this app.
    3. Being a user is limited by the length of subscription the user adopts.
    4. By using this app, the user confirms his/her agreement with these terms.
    1. The student will get automated feedback on his/her playing. Theaccuracy of sound recognition is approx. 90-99% according to tests.
    2. The web application is designed to work best in Google Chrome.Test version does not work under iOS.
    3. We recommend that beginners do not play more than 45 min during one session.
    4. Accelerando, LLC, Connecticut, USA has the rights to change the content of the application, features and to adjust the pricing.
    1. Premium Content in the App is available by subscription.
    2. The length of the subscription is 30 days and will auto-renew unless cancelled at least (1) day prior to renewal.
    3. The cost of the subscription is $2.99 per 30 day period.
    4. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, upon cancellation, the user will continue to have access to the Premium Content until the end of the current subscription period.
    1. Microphone rights. This app wants to access your device’s microphone in order to hear your instrument or voice and analyze your playing. Please click ‘Allow’ when prompted. This is a one-time only operation and your decision will be remembered.
    2. For teacher: Adding a student.
      1. To invite a student an e-mail address is needed. It does not need to be the same address that the user eventually uses to createa user. It is just the address where the app sends the invitation. The invitation is sent once the teacher has assigned at least one exercise to the student.
      2. Adding multiple students is possible via pasting a comma separated list of e-mails into the ‘Add multiple students’ textbox.
      3. Once a student has accepted the invitation, his/her e-mail address turns into his/her name in the student list.
    3. For teacher: Working with the submissions
      1. Once a student has submitted an assignment, an automatic e-mail is sent to the teacher with a link to that particular submission. The link only works if the teacher is logged in.
      2. Under each assignment/submission there is a comment box for both teacher and student. Teacher needs to comment at least once to mark that the submission was approved.
    4. For student: Accepting teacher’s invitation
      1. An invitation email is sent by the app that includes a register link. That link has to be opened in an appropriate web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, test version does not work in iOS).
      2. After following the invitation link one can register via Google, FB or custom login.
    5. For student: Working with the assignments
      1. When first logged in, the list of assignments is shown. Clickingon an assignment opens the ‘Exercise view’.
      2. In Exercise View one can listen and record. When recording forthe first time the browser’s request to access microphone has to be agreed. After allowing the microphone a small VU-meter strip will start reacting to noise and moving in the toolbar at the left side of the sheet music.
      3. Under the menu one can choose between different recording modes: with or without backing track or metronome click. Your teacher may have locked those options and asks you to use a specific mode when submitting the assignment.
      4. After successful recording one can press ‘Submit’ to send the recording and results to the teacher. The teacher will then receive an e-mail.
      1. We may revise the Terms here at any time and may suspend or terminate the service at any time without notice to you.
      2. Whatever disagreements and problems will be solved according to the international copyright regulations.