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Private Teachers

Ok, so it’s time to start a new way of teaching and communicating with your students and parents. In response to this crisis MatchMySound™ will be offering Achievemusic.com and Dohrey.me for free to all students for 3 months from sign up.

It’s a one-stop teaching hub that provides:

  • Secure Platform to Deliver live lessons
  • Guided Practice-Changing practice for ever using any devices
  • Upload Video Performances
  • Assign Tasks and Assess Progress
  • Parent Account for minors

Just sign up and start inviting your students. Minors will have to ask parents to set up their account to ensure safety and privacy.

To get started simply go to:

For All Teachers and Students in America

Download the App for iOs and Android

Also click the link to go to acheivemusic.com

For rest of the world Teachers

Download the App for iOs and Android

Also click the link to go to dohrey.me

Universities, Colleges & Music Schools

MatchMySound™ MMS can be used as a stand alone tool or plugged into you LMS system.

Our system offers:

  • Polyphonic assessment for multi-voiced instruments (including guitar and piano)
  • Outstanding monophonic assessment for single voiced instruments and voice
  • Students receive a precise real-time assessment of their musical performance, including a pitch, rhythm and tempo score

Schools can:

  • Upload school curriculum to a digital content library
  • Create personalized assignments for individual students and groups
  • Monitor and review student progress and staff feedback
  • Conduct auditions, exams and juries all online
  • Review Audio and Video Performance


  • App and web based platforms for Mac/ Windows and mobile
  • Upload Music XML, mp3 audio, attachments
  • Plugs into the schools existing learning management system

MatchMySound™ covers the world and can support any language requirements within the system. To find out more contact education@matchmysound.com

USA / Americas – 844-594-7408 ext. 403
UK and EMEA – 44 07595 436 196

Contact us!

If you think that automatic assessment and feedback could enhance your product please leave us your contact and we will get in touch.