Songley - MatchMySound™: State-of-the-Art Audio Matching


Share the virtual stage
with your fans!

Music artists who love and appreciate their fans now have a way to let their treasured fanbase play and record right along with them! Songley accelerates fan engagement without sacrificing the integrity and strength of the strong artist-fan relationship. Finally, there’s a way for fans to connect with their favorite artist’s greatest asset – their music!

Accelerate fan engagement with this brand-new revenue opportunity for artists, labels, publishers, and rightsholders. Songley uses MatchMySound’s real-time polyphonic assessment and feedback technology to enable fans to play and record with their favorite artists!


Experience Music Together!


Create new revenue from current or past catalogs.

Utilize a monthly subscription app or single-unit sales model.

Integrate the technology with existing apps and websites.

Enjoy MatchMySound’s established license agreements
with global music print publishers.


Sing or play along with an artist’s music. Guitar, piano, bass,
voice, and more!

Earn performance points and accumulate stars
to work your way up the leaderboard.

Post and share performances.

Enjoy multiple-level engagement that’s for all skill levels!

Ready to connect?