MatchMySound is revolutionizing music learning and playing!

Private Music Teachers, this is for you!

Ready to engage your learners when they practice at home so you can give yourself the time you need to focus on productive in-person lessons?

  • Assignment Creator | Create & assign personalized lessons
  • Content Uploader | Upload original content or choose from our growing digital library
  • Automatic Feedback | See exactly where to improve upon rhythm, pitch & notes
  • LIVE Virtual Lessons | Make-up lessons are made easy using our music lesson video platform
Productive practice leads to productive lessons!
Parents, this is for you!

Getting your kids to practice is no longer a challenge! MatchMySound appeals to younger learners, meeting them where they are and offering a safe, engaging, and fun space for learning!

  • Safe Environment | MatchMySound assures users a safe and secure learning environment
  • Automatic Feedback | Guided practice is tailored to your child’s needs
  • Easy Setup | Get started in minutes. (Seriously!)
Lessons that engage lead to accelerated learning!
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How it works
Learners, this is for you!

When you use MatchMySound, it’s like having your teacher right there with you when you practice from home.

  • Automatic Feedback | MatchMySound listens to you play and helps you play better, faster!
  • Engaging Learning Environment | Enjoy an interactive experience as you accelerate your learning.
  • LIVE Virtual Lessons | Use the state-of-the-art video platform made just for musicians.
Enjoy practice, learn more!
See more info about: How to get started
How it works
Manufacturers, Publishers, and Lesson Program Directors, this is for you!

Find out why the leaders in the music industry use MatchMySound to engage their customer base.

Get powered by MatchMySound.

Get powered by MatchMySound.

Are you a K-12 music teacher?

MatchMySound technology is accessible to K-12 music teachers and their students from two of our partners: SoundCheck from Noteflight Learn and PracticeFirst from MusicFirst. While both provide access to different content, each offers all of the same features and functionality as MatchMySound! Noteflight and MusicFirst both have a long history in the K-12 community and are compliant with most districts’ security and privacy policies, as well as the LMS integration needed for distance learning.

SoundCheck Powered by MatchMySound™ practicefirst Powered by MatchMySound™

Webinars & Events

Chicago, IL
MatchMySound Symposium
Planning for December 2022 | Symposium
MatchMySound plans to host an educational symposium in concert with the Midwest Clinic this December. Stay tuned for more information…


MatchMySound powers the platforms that are changing the world, one musician at a time.

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For private teachers Copy Link
Can I use my current teaching method and materials?

Yes! All public use or personal content can be shared to your MatchMySound account.

What if I don’t teach online lessons?

Our site is made for you! Sharing your lessons and exercises with your students to use for at-home practice is what MatchMySound is all about.

How much does it cost?

We now proudly offer a free 3-month trial for all teachers new to MatchMySound! After the free trial, subscriptions are just $19.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual subscription. (That’s a $140/yr. savings!)

How do I add my students?

This article and video will guide you through the process of adding students to your roster:

How do I add my own content?

This page will guide you through the process of adding content to your MatchMySound account:

How do I assign a lesson?

This page will guide you through the process of assigning content to your students:

How do I see what my students have done?

This article and video will guide you through the process of student submission review:

For parents Copy Link
Is this site safe for my child?

MatchMySound is compliant with all CCPA requirements. To view our Privacy Policy, click Here

How much does it cost?

There is no subscription cost for Learners! All fees are covered by your child’s teacher as part of their MatchMySound subscription.

How do I see what my child is doing in the app?

Simply log in to your child’s account to view completed assignments, teacher comments, and current exercises that have been assigned to your child.

For learners Copy Link
How does this help me practice?

By giving you the ability to listen to and record your assignments, MatchMySound will help keep you on track between lessons. The guided practice and feedback provided by MatchMySound makes your practice more fun, engaging and productive. Your teacher can review your submissions and provide custom comments and personal feedback to help guide you as well.

How difficult is it to get started?

MatchMySound makes it super-easy to get started. (Seriously!) Check out:

Where do I go to see my assignments?

New assignments will automatically appear on your dashboard when your teacher sends them your way. Learn more here:

How do I do an assignment?

Select your assignment, playback, record, review, and submit! Read more here:

How do I see my teacher’s feedback?

If your teacher adds additional feedback for you to review, this will be found in the Comments section of the assignment. You will receive an email notification alerting you of new comments to review.

For organizations Copy Link
Is there a limit to the number of teachers and students allowed in my account?

You can have as many learners as you like in your account!

How much does it cost per user?

No matter how many users you have, your subscription cost – monthly or annual – will stay the same!

Does it have an online video platform?

Yes! MatchMySound is powered by RealTime Audio, which offers a Zoom-like video & audio platform that was designed specifically for musicians! Check out:

How do I see what my teachers and their students are doing?
How can I add/remove teachers and students?
Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Not to worry!

Check out our Knowledge Base hub!

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How to Login/Setup
How-to Add Learners to your Roster
How to Record Simply (Parent/Student)
How to Assign Content to Your Learner
How to Assign a Section of Lesson
How to Review Learner Submissions

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