Automatic Assessment and Feedback

Match My Sound™ is one of the very few technologies out there that offers automatic assessment in the field of musical performance. What differentiates us from the competitors is that Match My Sound™ works with both monophonic and polyphonic musical instruments. Likewise, with human voice. Read more.

Score Following and Automatic Page Turning

Build products that enable the musicians to go on stage with their digital music and let the score follow them not vice-versa. Match My Sound™ analyzes live playing and knows where the player is in music. Read more.

Automatic Music Synchronization

MatchMySound™ can be used to synchronize any audio or video track with standard notation, tablature or lyrics+chords automatically, within seconds. There are products around that offer manual synchronization but depending on the business model and size of the content that needs to be synced up, automatic syncing will save a lot of time and add scalability. Read more.

Info Systems

Teacher/Student/Parent Environment

Our own learning management system (MMS LMS) is designed to make the best use of the many features that Match My Sound™ algorithm has. That is why some businesses prefer to license the whole thing instead of building their own systems. The environment is built so that it allows easy white labeling and customizing the looks to sync with the brand needs. Depending on the learning context our teacher/student/parent tool may have less or more features. See examples: (create a free teacher account to look around and see the tutorial videos), (ask demo access from Music First). The MMS LMS can also be licensed as it is – with the default Match My Sound visuals and functions and will work under a dedicated sub-domain. For example

Game Framework and a Precise Chromatic Tuner

We have built and piloted two educational music games that both utilize our sound recognition technology – one is It’s a game to help guitar learners master the common chord shapes. Another game is Note Ahoy that aims to improve one’s intonation when singing or playing a melody instrument. The game framework is customizable and the licensee can create an original game play. For Note Ahoy we have built both iOS and Android apps (in addition to the non-public browser version) and StrumProfessor is currently a browser game.

Both our games and teacher tool feature a precise chromatic tuner that can be used outside those products too. An example is Tuneit.Online that has our tuner embedded.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

Match My Sound™ Works on Mobiles

Both the Match My Sound™ technology and the info systems that we have built are designed to work also on mobiles. Depending on the product and its use case, mobile may be the primary platform. Therefore we have developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


Match My Sound™ Has an API

Match My Sound™ technology can be integrated into new or existing info systems or licensed as white label products. Depending on the specifications of your business it may make sense to use more or less deep integration. See the list of our partners in the Portfolio section to have an idea how the technology is used. To read more about the Match My Sound™ API and other integration options please visit our API page.

Contact us!

If you think that music synchronization, automatic score following and page turning could enhance your product please leave us your contact and we will get in touch.