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Ready to set your child up for success? MatchMySound's user-friendly platform makes the setup process a breeze. Resources are at your fingertips so your child can get started right away with practicing, recording, and getting automatic feedback on their performance!

Welcome, Parents

At-Home Practice Just Got Easier - and Engaging!

Productive music practice from home needn't be a challenge. Successful music lesson programs ensure substantial week-to-week progression for their learners. Parents want a solution that checks off some pretty crucial boxes: Is it truly engaging? Can we do this without a struggle? Will the process be easy? Can guided at-home practice produce better results?


With MatchMySound, the answer is yes.

How it works

MatchMySound Is Your Bridge Between
In-Person Lessons and At-Home Practice

Getting started

Great News, Parents.
Setup Is Easy!

  1. Log In
  2. Select “To Do”
  3. Click on “Assignment”
  4. Click on “More”
  5. Select “Demo Audio”
  6. Click on “Record”
  7. Happy with the score? Select “Submit”
  8. Want a better score? Select “Retry”

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