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My Choral Coach

We have exciting plans for the world of the Choir – MatchMySound™ are working with GIA, Hal Leonard and the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) to bring you the power of MatchMySound specifically dedicated to Choral communities

During this period of social isolation this will be a free from subscription service for all choral members within a choir you will be able to access all your scores uploaded by your director communicate your progress and still work towards team goals in their absence key features for you are:

  • Sing as if you were with your choir – Backing tracks allow hear your fellow choristors whilst singing your own part
  • Track progress – see where you were right and wrong to support education, performance and self learning
  • Submit progress to Director for review and feedback

If you are a Choral Director or a choir member and want more information email us


MatchMySound™ a disruptive technology that will change how publishers the world over deliver content. The largest publishers in the world are switching their content to interactive digital content. We are not talking digital PDFs, we are talking interactive fully playable, recordable music with assessment capability that Teachers, Students and Musicians can truly use and enjoy.

  • Create new revenue streams with a backlist and new content bundling physical and digital products
  • Protect IP within your own space, no more PDF’s. Now Publishers can distribute their content in a secure environment
  • Deliver the right product to the new generation of tech-savvy learners eager for augmented content
  • Support physical sales with a new digital solution
  • Provide Subscription options offering wider access to your IP

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Examination Boards

Exam Preparation What does MatchMySound™ offer?

MatchMySound™ offers the most powerful guided practice tool and content delivery portal for in-home exam preparation and online assessment. The MMS administrative console services students, administrators, teachers and adjudicators with the tools necessary to be more productive and successful in exam preparation and performance.

  • Increase Participation, Sales and Retention
  • Data analytics can shape future syllabus production
  • Retain customers and grow into new markets
  • Create a system ready for the future world

Connect with us to set up a meeting so we can show you our platform options.

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