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Choir directors and choral groups, My Choral Coach is your very own guided practice technology! With this easy-to-use platform, directors upload their repertoire for practice and singers use their favorite digital device to learn their parts and submit their performance.

This innovative and engaging chorus solution, powered by MatchMySound technology, is made possible thanks to an extraordinary partnership with GIA Publications and the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA).

American Choral Directors Association

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Directors can:

  • Upload their repertoire
  • Notify the choir members via email
  • Assess their choir members’ performances
  • Send out comments linked to pieces

Singers can:

  • Bring up the music or the notation
  • Practice their parts and sing as if they were in rehearsal
  • Record using a backing track or a metronome
  • Get real-time feedback on their performances
  • Slow down the tempo
  • Virtual performances can be assembled using downloaded performances

COMING IN JUNE!Video and Zoom integration for your virtual choirs,
PLUS My Choral Coach for mobile (iOS and Android)

Ready to get on your virtual stage?

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My Choral Coach
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