Welcoming Our New Publisher Partner!

Welcome, RSCM!

We at MatchMySound are proud to welcome our new publisher partner, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM)! This esteemed international and ecumenical organization is dedicated to promoting effective and inspiring music in Christian worship, largely through publications, training courses, and an award scheme. We are thrilled to add their beautiful repertoire to our ever-growing library. Check out all of the new RSCM songs we’ve already added, and make sure to keep coming back for more!

From RSCM:

Our aim is to ensure that a new generation of church musicians is empowered to take church music into the future. Church music has important work to do, not only in terms of mission but also community. We are bringing church music to communities across the UK, enabling children to sing in schools, and inviting children into churches to sing, nurturing from childhood a love and understanding of church music, its role in worship, its part of our rich heritage across the UK, and its positive impact on well-being. The RSCM plans to enable a whole new generation of musicians to develop the skills to bring vibrant church music to parishes across the nation and through that music, congregations.