MatchMySound for Publishers

MatchMySound for Publishers

Music publishers looking to redefine their content for a radically changing retail and consumer future turn to MatchMySound for our industry leading technology and digitization services. MatchMySound is proud to have created successful state-of-the-art environments for Hal Leonard, Music Sales Group, GIA, and Alfred Music. Revolutionize your IP by releasing a brand new form of playable technology for your customers.

We deliver e-commerce solutions that blend with all physical and digital offerings. Imagine a catalogue offering fully interactive, playable and recordable music pieces that students, teachers, and musicians can truly use and enjoy.

With MatchMySound, you can:

  • Create new revenue streams with old and new content, bundling physical and digital products together.
  • Protect IP within your own space. No more PDFs. Now Publishers can distribute their content in a secure environment.
  • Deliver the right product to the new generation of tech-savvy learners who are eager for augmented content.
  • Support physical sales with a new digital solution.
  • Provide subscription options offering greater access to your IP.

As we fully understand that the pandemic has changed the way we all have to think and do business,
MatchMySound can provide solutions that are tailored to long-term partnerships supporting you in the investment of digitization.

Ready to experience MatchMySound technology in action? Contact us today.

Steve Freeman
Business Development Director | USA

James Kimberley
Business Development Director | EMEA