Innovative Strategies for 
Engagement & Retention

Introducing MatchMySound

Our innovative technology listens to music makers playing any instrument and singing, giving them immediate guided feedback on their performance as to tone, pitch, and tempo.

Our team of passionate music edtech specialists collaborates with manufacturers to create custom, revenue-generating solutions that engage their users and elevate their product offerings.



Added Value With Custom Solutions

Our technology solutions enhance and add value to the manufacturer/customer experience through:

  • Interactive Bundles & Starter Packs
  • Enhanced Manufacturer-Endorsee Relationship
  • Custom Content Creation

Bundles and Starter Packs

All musicians, from beginner through advanced, want to improve. By offering starter packs or bundles with each sale, you’re giving your customers the tools they need to grow and succeed. Providing this from your website also drives traffic and engagement on a daily basis, allowing ongoing communication.

  • Starter Packs for beginning players
  • Genre- and level-specific eBooks for intermediate through advanced players

Enhanced Manufacturer-Endorsee Relationship

MatchMySound collaborated with Sheeran by 
Lowden Guitars to create a special app for attendees of 
Ed Sheeran’s 2023 North American Mathematics Tour.

Imagine your product and artist here! This is where we connect your brand directly to your endorsee’s music.

Educational Content Integration

MatchMySound proudly features established business models for creating fun, engaging instructional content that leads to people returning to your site on an ongoing basis for more!

We recently enhanced Fender Play with our technology, creating a popular offering called Feedback Mode.

We can do the same thing for you!


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Consulting Services

All of the products and offerings that we have 
developed are a product of our consulting services. Accelerando, LLC, advises companies throughout their transformative journey to create dynamic digital experiences for their customers.


The future is now.

As a group of passionate digital technology innovators, our team at MatchMySound proudly designs solutions that deliver new creative 
and commercial opportunities for manufacturers. We are committed to adding music education technology value at every stage of musicians’ learning journeys, leading to a successful customer experience and enhanced brand loyalty.

Let’s create an innovative custom solution together!

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Steve Freeman
VP of Business Development & Artist Relations
P: (678) 641-7117