How Do I Keep Music Students In the Modern World?

By Steve Freeman

As music teachers, we compete daily with our students busy schedules and extracurricular activities. Add video games and social media into the mix and the battle for practice time is lost. How many times have we all heard “I didn’t have time to practice this week because…..” Now more than ever it seems like music lessons are viewed as just another weekly drop off activity that does not require any practice outside of the lesson. Students want instant gratification so what do they do? they jump on the internet to learn a song that they are not prepared to learn by someone not qualified to teach it, I hate that!

Like most of you I am constantly searching for practice tools to keep students motivated and engaged so they will continue taking lessons. There is a demand within the teacher community to find a solution to this problem. To fulfill this need, a group of well known educators have developed a new practice platform called Achieve Music. AM gives students a live performance evaluation during their home practice time. Practice results are graphically displayed on a computer or mobile device and can be monitored by the teacher and parent. Low scores and infrequent practice will alert the teacher and parent to intervene, all results can be viewed on a student dashboard.

Achieve Music provides instructors a seeded library of content including method book favorites, lead sheets, and exercises that can be assigned to students via email.

Even cooler, instructors can upload their own original exercises and record audio examples direct to Achieve Music without needing an interface or special cables. All content to the Achieve Music platform has the MatchMySound assessment technology attached to create a game like environment, truly an answer and solution to make learning easier, more efficient and fun.