Pre-launch at Europa Cantat 2018

It is the end of July but the MatchMySound team is not resting. We have been working on two major things: the new version of the MatchMySound feedback algorithm and the product. The new algorithm deserves a separate blog post as there are important changes. However, all of those new features are already present in the brand new, so you can try it right now.

Essentially, is the teacher-student platform that we have been developing since the beginning of our company. Different versions of the platform are already on market (PracticeFirst, AchieveMusic) but is different in some aspects. First, it is under the control of the MatchMySound team. Having a direct connection to our end user is something that will help us understand the teachers' and students' needs better. Secondly, in, we are not selling content, just the tool. Plus, as it is aimed at the European music educators and teachers, we are preparing translations to other languages.

Visit us at the Europa Cantat 2018 Expo

Europa Cantat is a big European choir event that happens every third year. This time it takes place in Tallinn. Since Tallinn is only 2 hrs from the MatchMySound office and works well for choirs, we decided to show up. Do demonstrate, how can be used when working with choirs, we have produced a collection of public domain choir music with 160 songs (thank you, Norsk sangerforum!). ready for the ec2018 expo

What? is a digital tool for music educators and students. The core of it is the newest MatchMySound™ automatic assessment algorithm, that feels like having a super patient coach around at all times. It helps to practise the technical aspects of the musical performance - pitch and timing.


Let’s say a student sings to the app. Immediately after finishing the performance of an exercise, the software provides feedback by pointing out the areas in the recording where the intonation or timing are inaccurate. It is achieved by comparing the student’s input with a set reference. The reference can be a real audio recording or synthesised from the musical score.

As a teacher, you can upload your content in the MusicXML or MuseScore format, or as audio files. Upon assigning a piece to your students, you may set the required level of accuracy that you expect from the student.

For whom?

The brand new was designed with the European music educators and learners in mind. In addition to the singing voice, it works with all monophonic and polyphonic instruments. In addition to, the MatchMySound™ technology is used all over the world in different products and contexts. The examples include the Music Sales Group's PracticeFirst and Hal Leonard's SoundCheck.

The graphic feedback of

Give it a try!

  • Register your free teacher account at
  • Invite your students to the system by inserting their e-mail addresses. NB! Your students will have a 6-month free of charge period if they use the code ‘ec2018’ when registering
  • Upload your content or use the provided free content and assign it to your students
  • Download the mobile app to use on the go: for iOS, for Android
Note! The mobile apps are available in Europe!

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