Connecting Physical Products with Match My Sound™

Many method books have a companion website or an app that adds value by providing information that cannot be printed. In the case of music books that non-printable information is mostly audio and video recordings. But what if your phone or computer could listen to you while you are performing music from a regular printed book and assess your progress? Match My Sound™ can do it and the first half of this video demonstrates an idea how QR codes could help to improve the user experience when using a combination of physical and digital product.

The second half of the video demonstrates how a physical book owner could verify his/her right to access the digital content. In fact, now there are real products on the market that use a similar approach to connect Match My Sound™ and printed books. Check out the Soundwise web page and look for the Soundwise sticker on the books while visiting the music stores. One of the books is the Novello Guide to Sight-Reading.

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