Music lesson programs now have the perfect solution for growth in engagement, insight, and retention!

Retail stores, music schools, and studios use MatchMySound to increase retention by enhancing their lesson programs with an interactive guided practice experience.

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Student-teacher engagement between lessons leads to higher retention for lesson programs. MatchMySound offers a robust experience for music teachers and their students, as they connect via this revolutionary online guided practice platform that keeps activity levels high and brings crucial data to your desktop.

Get the lesson program data insight you need to understand what's working (and what's not)! Your teachers will become more efficient and effective using the onboard tools to create instant audio exercises and personalized assignments that will engage students and keep parents in the loop on their child's progress.

Engagement. Insight. Retention.

Lesson programs that focus on engagement and data insight enjoy higher retention.
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With MatchMySound, dealers get essential insight:

Customized reports
Customized Reports

Create customized reports to better understand which repertoire and exercises are being assigned to students and which tend to result in higher engagement.

Engagement analysis
Engagement Analysis

See which teachers are engaging students the most resulting in higher retention rates.

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Better understand and address student pain points when practicing between lessons as you proactively identify potential lesson termination before it happens.

Makeup lesson Solutions
Make-Up Solutions

Take advantage of this instant virtual solution for make-up lessons without having to rearrange an entire schedule.

Teachers and students get an engaging experience: 

Polyphonic Technology


Assess multi-voice instruments, to include piano and guitar. MatchMySound has the only polyphonic technology in the market, along with the most accurate monophonic tech!

Video Submission
Student Video Submission

Teachers can review student posture, hand position, and level of participation.

Instant audio exercises
Instant Audio Exercises

Create instant audio exercises by attaching PDFs and image files.

RealTime Audio & Video

Connect with students using our latest low-latency technology to create a private and secure synchronous online studio!

virtual recording
Virtual A/V Recording


Create virtual audio and video recordings to up the level of engagement and transparency.

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