Choirs, welcome to your very own guided practice platform!

Choral directors and their choirs use MatchMySound to practice remotely, focus on individual parts, and easily prepare for rehearsals and performances.


MatchMySound is the modern solution for choirs who want to learn at their own pace so they can shine when it’s time to perform!

The user-friendly platform means directors can rehearse their choirs remotely by simply uploading their repertoire for practice so singers can use their favorite digital devices to learn their parts and even submit performances for review.

Choral Directors, imagine if your singers came to rehearsal already knowing their parts.
How would you spend your time?

With MatchMySound, you can:

Upload Repertoire

Upload your own repertoire.

Send out comments

Send out comments linked to repertoire.

Review attempts

Review Singers' practice attempts

Share repertoire

Share repertoire with your Singers

Access library

Access the extensive Match My Sound repertoire library of published works

Singers, imagine learning your part - on your own time - with an easy and FUN platform! Wouldn't it be great to stay engaged, wherever and whenever you choose?

View the music

You can easily view the music!

Practice your part

Practice your part and sing like you're in rehearsal

Record yourself

Record using a backing track or metronome

Slow down tempo

Slow down the tempo for more focused practicing

Real-time feedback

Get real-time feedback on performances

Who It’s For

All levels welcome! This easy-to-use digital platform is a must-have for music readers and non-readers, alike. The MatchMySound experience features technology designed to engage every level of singer.

So, whether you’re a community choir, church choir, university choir or an ensemble that colors outside of the lines, this solution is for you!


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How to Start

Download the MatchMySound app
for iOS and Android
or Sign In to the Web App

Are you part of a K-12 choir?

MatchMySound technology is accessible to K-12 choirs from two of our partners: SoundCheck from Noteflight Learn and PracticeFirst from MusicFirst. While both provide access to different repertoire, each offers all of the same features and functionality as MatchMySound! Noteflight and MusicFirst both have a long history in the K-12 community and are compliant with most districts’ security and privacy policies, as well as the LMS integration needed for distance learning.

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