Results Of A Survey | Can Hobby Players Read Music?

guitar player

Some time ago we held a poll on a popular online guitar school’s website and asked visitors how do they learn their new pieces and first we asked them a very simple question: How do you mostly read new pieces? This is what we got:

Seems that we have an intelligent audience because the majority can read music  OK, these are mostly grown up people (mean age 27 years, 66% male) and this is they way it should be. To verify the results and to see if anything has changed, we repeated the poll a year later and got very similar results:

Here we have both polls together and it seems pretty safe to assume that these are the proportions that one could use when planning a product for hobby guitarists:

Then I thought: ‘Wait a minute, we asked how they learn mostly, but it can be that some people read both tab and standard notation.’ Again, we just asked them. This is what I got:

Seems like we were right – of course there are people who read both notations. And it looks like most of the people are happy with what they have as only about 15% say they don’t read music but would like to. Of course, the picture would be very different for pianists and string players as they simply don’t use tabulature.