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Introducing MatchMySound

MatchMySound offers an exciting solution for international schools who want to amplify their student-teacher lesson experience to ensure greater engagement and retention, while getting the data-driven insight that international school orchestra directors need to grow their music programs.

MatchMySound is an intuitive digital platform perfect for international school extra-curricular and instrumental music programs. With it, teacher and student progression as well as engagement can be monitored from any computer or mobile device.

Offer state-of-the-art technology that provides students with a guided practice environment featuring immediate detailed feedback on their pitch, rhythm, and tempo. MatchMySound offers schools a smart and user-friendly way to both enhance the in-person lesson experience and facilitate live, online learning. This innovative platform empowers orchestra directors and teachers with the digital tools they need to retain, engage, educate, and assess their students.

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Proud to offer Beginner Orchestra content!

Beginner Orchestra aims to solve one main problem for international schools music departments - write and arrange orchestra pieces specifically for beginners. No more endless searching through massive databases. No more constant re-arranging. Our team of music educators from all around the world test and review every single piece making sure the scores and play-alongs are perfect for a beginner orchestra. The MatchMySound assessment tool takes the Beginner Orchestra pieces to a new level. Rehearse a Beginner Orchestra piece as a group and then use MatchMySound to set assignments for student practice each week. Get ready to redefine how you run your orchestra!



Chris Koelma

Founder of Beginner Orchestra