Automatic Assessment and Feedback

Polyphonic Instruments Are Welcome

Match My Sound™ is one of the very few technologies out there that offers automatic assessment in the field of musical performance. What differentiates us from the competitors is that Match My Sound​™ works with both monophonic and polyphonic musical instruments. Likewise, with human voice. It runs directly in a web browser and does not require downloading nor installation. There are many benefits of integrating automatic assessment into music education. Here’s how the automatic assessment looks like:

Who Can Benefit From the Automatic Assessment

Publishers can use Match My Sound™ to

  • Enhance their content with the automatic assessment to engage clients
  • Get useful data to understand how the clients interact with the content (e.g. what content is played more and with what results)
  • Create better content based on clients’ behavior
  • Market the content in an unique and interactive way
  • Solve three problems at once: synchronization, score following and automatic assessment. Read more.

Teachers can use Match My Sound™ to

  • Assign MatchMySound enhanced content to their students
  • Monitor students’ practice (e.g. how many times they attempted to reach the set goal)
  • Review their students’ completed assignments
  • Listen to and see the results of the automatic feedback
  • Help the parents understand their child’s progress better

Learners can use Match My Sound™ to

  • Work towards achieving personalized goals when practicing
  • Get automatic feedback regarding pitch, rhythm and tempo
  • Receive a score and track the progress
  • Receive electronic assignments from a teacher
  • Save the recordings and feedback over the years

Parents can use Match My Sound™ to

  • Monitor their child’s progress
  • See how the child scores on their assignments
  • View and listen to their child’s practice history
  • Listen to and see the results of the automatic feedback
  • See their child take a renewed interest in their instrument and music lessons

Educational entrepreneurs can use Match My Sound™ to

  • Enhance their online courses with the automatic assessment
  • Scale their business by automating the feedback and engage more people with less effort
  • Build and run interactive music MOOCs
  • Get valuable user data and use it to create better courses
  • Solve three problems at once: synchronization, score following and automatic assessment

Embed It Into Any Web Page

The magic score that listens to the player and gives feedback can be embedded into any web page just like a Youtube video. This way the results will not be personalized but for many use cases it is the easiest way to make Match My Sound available to your clients. In order to try the feedback feature in this particular example, please choose an instrument part from the drop down menu next to the green button:

Match My Sound™ Works on Most Platforms


  • Windows (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • OS X (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Linux (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Chrome OS


  • Android (Chrome, Firefox, and our dedicated Android app)
  • iOS (our dedicated iOS app)

An updated list of getUserMedia/Stream API compliant browsers. open_in_new

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