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MatchMySound is
revolutionizing music learning,
assessment, and play.

MatchMySound is the core technology that powers the most highly regarded Music EdTech platforms in America. Our industry-leading polyphonic & monophonic assessment tools deliver exceptional remote assessment and feedback capabilities.

Our mission is to change the way people can learn, play, and enjoy performing music – today, and in the future. Whether it’s for your educational courses and students, for your publishing business and customers, or to create truly special experiences for your fans, MatchMySound will build a space that is engaging and powerful.

MatchMySound has been designing digital music education products for over seven years – platforms and apps that have quickly carved a strong foothold in the music learning industry worldwide. Band members, directors, teachers, singers, and over 300,000 students use MatchMySound every day, with global music fans soon to join the mix, thanks to our latest offering, Songley!


MatchMySound is transforming the ways we learn music,
sing together, perform remotely, and engage!

Achieve Music

The future of teaching music is here! Private music teachers know that technology is here to stay, and it’s positively changing the ways to teach, practice, and perform music. Achieve Music is an intuitive practice and feedback app designed specifically for private music instructors and their students to keep the beat going, wherever they are.

My Choral Coach

Choir directors and choral groups, My Choral Coach is your very own guided practice technology! With this user-friendly platform, directors can assign content from the on-board song library or upload their own repertoire for their members to engage with. Members can practice and record their parts on their computer or mobile device and receive instant feedback on their performance. Are you ready to sing together, remotely?

Marching Band Pro
Collegiate marching band directors, welcome to an innovative digital platform that enables your bands to practice and play remotely! Marching Band Pro is an objective practice and feedback tool that compares band member performances to a reference score and provides instant automatic feedback. Band directors can assign scores or individual parts by instrument to their members and set performance goals and benchmarks. Keep in step with your band and let Marching Band Pro lead the way!

Musical artists who love and appreciate their fans now have a way to let their treasured fanbase play and record right along with them! Songley accelerates fan engagement without sacrificing the integrity and strength of the strong artist-fan relationship. Finally, there’s a way for fans to connect with their favorite artist’s greatest asset – their music!


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