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MatchMySound has partnered with Sheeran Guitars to create a way for Ed Sheeran's fans to learn one of their favorite songs!

Finally, accurate and engaging guided feedback for all instruments, including guitar, piano, and voice!

Our unique note-by-note matching algorithm makes practice productive and learning easier and faster. Just ask the millions using our technology today!

14M guided assessments
3M+ teacher-learner interactions
100K+ teacher-generated exercises

Technology made with 🤍
for musicians, by musicians

Features teachers rely on, and learners love!

Our music matching technology offers an experience that transforms the way we learn and play music.

1. Automatic Feedback Arrow

Record yourself and see exactly where to improve on pitch, rhythm, and tempo.

2. Assignment Creator Arrow

Teachers/Directors can create and assign personalized exercises and repertoire for their learners.

3. Content Uploader Arrow

Teachers/Directors can upload original content or choose from our growing digital library.

4. Progress Monitor Arrow

Monitor student progress on exercises, hand positions, and more.

5. LIVE Lesson Platform Arrow

A RealTime audio-visual experience designed specifically for music lessons.

6. Learning Tools Arrow

Backing tracks, tuner, looper, tempo adjuster, metronome, whiteboard, and more!

For teachers

Ready for a user-friendly (seriously!) platform that saves you time, makes your in-person lessons easier, and your learners’ at-home practice more engaging?

Music Technology - Best Music Teaching App

For learners

Ready for a great way to practice from home that meets you where you are, opens up a world of gamified learning, and gives you an enjoyable experience?

MatchMySound for Music Lessons
Guitarists, pianists, singers… ALL musicians, MatchMySound is for you

This is the tech that helps you learn faster because it listens to you play and provides instant feedback!

Playing Cello Playing Guitar Singing
Playing Piano Singing Playing Flute
Playing Violin Playing Video Playing Guitar
Live Music Lessons - Music Education App

Welcome to MatchMySound’s Very Own Online Lesson Platform!

Powered by RealTimeAudio Logo Live Session Music Tools

Interactive Instrument Tuners・GPS Metronome・Chord & Scale Chart Generator・Up To 4K Video・Touchscreen Keyboards・Music-Related Whiteboards

Coming Soon! Ultra-low latency, streaming, recording, and performing.

A better online platform custom-made for music lessons, with higher audio and video quality than any other video conferencing platform. PLUS, special tools that teachers and learners 🖤 !

What people are saying

MatchMySound Doug Perkins Jazz Guitar Society
Doug Perkins
Jazz Guitar Society
MatchMySound Kelly Bowlin President of Gwinnett School of Music
Kelly Bowlin
President of Gwinnett School of Music
MatchMySound Nite Driscoll President of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
Nite Driscoll
President of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
MatchMySound Doug Perkins Jazz Guitar Society

This will change the whole landscape for both teachers and students worldwide.

“ is dedicated to bringing the boutique music school experience to people’s computer desktops, and this will enhance our ability to do that into the future.”

MatchMySound Kelly Bowlin President of Gwinnett School of Music

Finally a student-teacher platform that will make practicing more efficient, fun, and get results!

MatchMySound Nite Driscoll President of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

“MatchMySound has transformed the learning experience for our musicians demonstrably, providing a uniquely engaging experience that accelerates comprehension of essential musical components. The interaction between AIMM students and their instructors has become profoundly elevated and much more meaningful. Truly a remarkable breakthrough!”

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Music Technology - Best Music Teaching App