Score Following

Digital Music That Follows You

Playing from digital scores instead of using printouts has become increasingly popular. There are numerous digital music readers at different levels of functionality. In addition to the many great features that digital music has, Match My Sound™ can add two:

  • Automatic score following
  • Page turning

It means that when you play, our matching algorithm will analyze your music and show you where you are at any given moment. Plus, since it knows where you are, it will scroll the music for you as you reach the end of a page. Whereas the page-turning part can also be performed with several pedals and buttons (or by touching the screen), following you in the score can be super useful and bring the performance to a new level. For example, consider the following use cases:

  • You play a piece of complicated instrumental music and need to look at your hands once in a while. You are afraid to do so because you are not sure whether you find the correct place in the music once you look back at your score.
  • There are more reasons why you need to look away from your score: communicating with the audience and your colleagues on stage, or
  • You are a singer in a choir and your conductor asks you to look at him/her more often. With automatic score following, you can do it confidently, without the fear of losing your place
  • You are playing in an orchestra and have many measures of rests. Instead of counting the bars on your fingers and toes you can relax and enjoy the music because you know where the music is at any moment
  • You want to differentiate your guitar tab business by letting the lyrics + chords auto scroll magically like in this example:

All Types of Notation Work

Match My Sound™ score following works with any graphical representation of music, not just the standard notation. So, for example, one could create content that displays music in these formats:

  • Tablature (guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, lute etc)
  • Simplified graphic notation (like you see in some children piano books)
  • Lyrics + chords
    • Only lyrics
    • Only chords
  • Handwriting or drawing
  • Standard musical notation
    • Full score
    • Any combination of parts

Basically, we work with two categories of graphics: 1) Music that can be displayed by music notation software (such as MuseScore, Sibelius and Finale) and 2) Everything else. The latter category may or may not add an extra layer of work but it all depends on the content. Graphics that belong to the category 1) can be displayed in both Page View and Scrolling View allowing to create products with responsive design.

Embed It Into Any Web Page

The magic score that follows the player can be embedded into any web page just like a Youtube video. Click on the microphone icon and start playing or singing. Try making mistakes, changing tempo, stopping and different octaves. It will follow you in most cases. (Make sure that ‘no backing’ is chosen from the three dot menu).

Match My Sound™ Works on Most Platforms


  • Windows (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • OS X (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Linux (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Chrome OS


  • Android (Chrome, Firefox, and our dedicated Android app)
  • iOS (our dedicated iOS app)

An updated list of getUserMedia/Stream API compliant browsers. open_in_new

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