Automatic Synchronization

Syncing Audio With Notation is a Breeze

Until very recently synchronizing an audio track with sheet music was done manually – there are still products available that ask you to click through the musical score and mark every note or bar. Getting it right when the audio has a floating tempo (think classical music, solo artists etc.) used to be a very time-consuming procedure. Match My Sound™ does this automatically and can save you a lot of time. All you need is the notation file (MusicXML or MuseScore) and the audio file that you want to synchronize (.wav, .mp3, .ogg). As you can see from the video below it does not matter if the audio file is not played in a metronomic tempo. The music slows down in bars 4 and 8 but gets still beautifully synchronized.

Works With Both Audio and Video

If your audio file has a corresponding video then Match My Sound™ can display that too. The result is that one can see and hear a musical performance with a scrolling notation that is perfectly aligned at all times. Here’s an example:

Who Needs Synchronized Music

There are several ways how educators, publishers, teachers, and musicians can make use of perfectly synchronized music. It all depends on what you sell or want to achieve:

  • Synchronized audio and sheet music is a great learning tool – let the students hear and see the music
  • Add synchronized music to your e-courses
  • Use synchronized music in public presentations and demos
  • Let’s say you publish modern music and need to demonstrate it. Your clients can read music so they like to listen to the music while seeing the score. Synchronize your full catalog and let them explore what you have. If you have video footage of live performances then you can add video.

Use Any Graphics

When talking about synchronized music we tend to have the standard notation in mind. With Match My Sound™ there are more options. Use any of the following formats:

  • Standard notation
    • Full score
    • Separate parts
    • Any combination of parts
  • Tablature
    • Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Bass
    • Etc.
  • Lyrics + Chords
  • Custom graphics

Embed It Into Any Web Page

The result of the synchronization can be embedded into a web page just like a Youtube video. Press the green ‘Play’ button and hear the music while the scroll bar indicates the corresponding place in the notation.

Match My Sound™ Works on Most Platforms


  • Windows (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • OS X (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Linux (Chrome, Firefox and their derivates)
  • Chrome OS


  • Android (Chrome, Firefox, and our dedicated Android app)
  • iOS (our dedicated iOS app)

An updated list of getUserMedia/Stream API compliant browsers. open_in_new

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